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NEW RESEARCH: 7 in 10 Irish households still frugally managing their home heating and energy

  • Just 3 in 10 households say that they’re aware of which household appliances use the most energy and cost the most to use.
  • Potential return of ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap could cancel out March energy credit for many households.
  • 17% turn to hot water bottles and hooded blankets to keep warm, according to new research from Homevalue

February 2023 – Irish households are still frugally managing their home heating and energy bills, according to new research by leading DIY, Hardware, and Homeware group, Homevalue. The new research comes amid continued warnings of impending cold snaps, return of the beast from the east, and the impending instalment of energy credit due to billpayers this March.

According to the new research from leading DIY, Hardware, and Homeware group, Homevalue, 7 in 10 (71%) Irish households say that they are currently very conscious of using their heating, especially during cold snaps.  

Looking at alternative ways of keeping warm, a third of people (33%) said that they had changed out their duvet during the colder months, to a warmer tog rating. 17% also said they had regularly used a hot water bottle both at home and in the office to help stay warm, and similarly, 17% also said that they own and wear a hooded blanket, to help keep toasty.  

Outside of just the heating, Irish households have been changing their habits and making decisions to become more frugal and energy efficient at home. Almost half (45%) of all households say that they now use energy efficient light bulbs, while 4 in 10 (40%) say that they now make a conscious effort to unplug all appliances when they’re not in use. Other ways, households are adapting, included:

  • We will only fill the kettle to the amount we need, to save electricity – 39%
  • We opt for the clothesline over the dryer – 36%
  • I have a smart meter installed in my home to monitor electricity usage – 14%
  • We usually use the clothes dryer, instead of the clothesline because of the bad weather and for convenience – 11%
  • I use smart timers or plug-in timers at home – 11%

When it comes to understanding more about the appliances which are costing the most money to use, just 3 in 10 households (30%) said that they know the average cost-per use of each household appliance, with those aged 18-24 (46%) more likely to claim that they are aware.

In March, families can breathe an optimistic sigh of relief as the final energy support credit will be rolled out nationwide and will alleviate some of the financial burden on bill payers. Until then, however, frugality remains the focus.

To learn more about ways of saving money on energy bills, or to find solutions and alternative ways of keeping your home warm each winter, Homevalue has several solutions and useful tips available, to help keep your home winter ready and prepared. The research from leading DIY, Hardware and Homeware group, Homevalue and conducted by Empathy Research polled over 1,000 adults. 

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