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The ‘long stand’ or ‘glass hammer’ – Irelands favourite builders pranks revealed

New research has today revealed the nations favourite ‘builders’ pranks’ and shared some insights into the creative practical jokes experienced on Irish building sites.

Among the pranks identified in the new research, being asked to fetch a ‘long stand’, was the favourite (27%), and most experienced prank (19%) cited amongst all those polled. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the prank, a ‘long stand’ is an imaginary object that someone is instructed to request from someone else, who then proceeds to leave them standing around waiting indefinitely while it is being “located.”

This was followed closely by a quarter of people (25%), whose favourite prank is sending someone to get a ‘glass hammer’, which was also directly experienced by a similar number of people (19%) while working on a building site. Again, the ‘glass hammer’is an imaginary object, that ishighly impractical but often, is used to keep apprentices and unsuspecting individuals occupied, for the entertainment of others.

For many, apprenticeships and work experience on building sites can be an invaluable part of growing up, gaining practical life skills and work experience, and a pathway to a great career. However, apprentices are often tested beyond their immediate skill set and work ethic, and can often encounter unusual ‘tasks,’ only to realise later that they are in fact being pranked! All in good humour however…

Among the more creative pranks cited in the research, ‘The over-head strength test’, (12%) (where an unsuspecting apprentice is asked to lift a plaster bag over their head, only to have the bag pierced, and the contents poured all over them) and the ‘Wheelbarrow proficiency test’ (4%) (asking the apprentice to test how much water a wheelbarrow can retain while traversing a set of obstacles laid out on a building site) both featured.

The full list of favourite pranks as revealed by Homevalue, is as follows:

  • Being asked to fetch the ‘long stand’ – 27%
  • Being sent to get a ‘glass hammer’ – 25%
  • Being sent to get the ‘left-handed screwdriver’ – 17%
  • The over-head strength test – 12%
  • Being handed cables by the electrician and being told ‘they’re live’ – 5%
  • The “Wheelbarrow Proficiency test” – 4%

The survey from leading DIY, Hardware, and Homeware group, Homevalue was conducted by Empathy Research, and polled over 1,000 adults.

Pranks experienced:

According to the new research 40% of all people polled have experienced some sort of builders’ prank while working on a building site or have a friend or loved one who has been directly pranked!

Almost 3 in 10 (29%) adults claim they have direct experience of working on a building site or of working with someone who has a trade/skill, where it is highly likely that they have encountered some sort of clever prank along the way.

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